Motion Design, Direction, Live Visuals

My practice is driven by an inner urge - and specifically its most irrational and visceral aspects - to learn, experiment, and challenge.

I am interested in perception, movement, (dis)embodied experiences, as well as the nomadic nature of knowledge and identity.
I like to stretch and challenge concepts to the point where the entire idea, and me with it, begin to spin into bizarre liminal spaces.
As things flow and transform at these blurred thresholds, new concepts of concepts emerge, and hybrid aesthetics of mixed media are revealed.
Within this emerging - and already transforming - landscape, I create visual art works which are [techno-organic] multitudes.


Born in Milan in 1983,  Leone received a BS in Product Design and a MS in Communication Design. Berlin based since 2009, she has continued to do freelance work as art director and motion designer, while extending her artistry and practice to interactive media, generative design, data-driven narratives and music videos direction, through a variety of collaborations.

In 2012, Leone founded StratoFyzika, an interdisciplinary collective combining new media, dance, and soundscapes to create immersive, mind-altering performances. Since its founding, the group has explored interdisciplinary performance and produced eight live stage pieces. This group has influenced Leone's approach to art and technology experimentation. The work of StratoFyzika often entails the use of technology, both as an additional performing actor - using biofeedback and inertial motion sensors - and as a tool for critical thinking - using machine learning algorithms to manipulate images and question the essence of identity-.

In 2016, Leone started collaborating with cutting-edge artist Zoë Mc Pherson as director of her newest audiovisual album String Figures. The project evolved from a serie of 7 music videos into a bigger transmedia performative show, on which Leone acts as a visual curator. The music video for Inouï (and free), part of String Figures, has been screened at Film Festivals all over Europe and the United States,  and has won several prizes as Best Experimental Music Video.
At the beginning of 2020, she founded with Zoë Mc Pherson SFX, an audiovisual platform with a strong focus on audiovisuals.
SFX is an opportunity to experiment, collaborate and build more bridges between, and for practitioners working at the intersection of different creative fields.